Eddie Hearn Takes Drastic Action Over Boxer's Comments About The Sun

Eddie Hearn Takes Drastic Action Over Boxer's Comments About The Sun

Eddie Hearn announced on Saturday afternoon that he has pulled WBA International super-lightweight champion Ohara Davies from a February 3rd card at the O2 Arena in London.

It comes following comments which Davies made to fellow boxer Tommy Coyle via Twitter on Friday. While attempting to goad Coyle into a fight, Davies said that once he had beaten the Hull boxer, he would then give an interview to his "favourite newspaper The Sun”.

In a statement, Hearn said that he found Davies's comments to be "unacceptable" and also "highly offensive" to the people of Liverpool.

Following comments made by Ohara Davies on social media yesterday, we have removed him from our February 3rd show at the 02 Arena. Whilst I believe his comments were made through ignorance they were unacceptable and highly offensive to many of our friends, fighters and to a City that we have a huge amount of respect for.

The Sun has been loathed by the city since its abhorrent 1989 claims about those who died in the Hillsborough disaster.

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Early on Saturday, Davies said that his comments had been made in ignorance.


In my tweets to Tommy Coyle regarding the Sun, it was done in an attempt to provoke him into fight with me on Feb 3rd, knowing he didn't like the sun from a previous tweet he had wrote about them a few months ago, I thought it was due to untrue stories which they had written about him. Having no idea it was far deeper than that.

One thing I do is act in certain ways at times to anger my opponents or to arouse the people & play the bad guy which I enjoy playing, I am petty at times to bring physical appearance or past losses to anger my opponents, but my intentions here were literally just to anger him and the people who don't like the Paper, for what reason they didn't like the Paper I was totally ignorant of and up till now am still partly ignorant of as I've read up what happened but am yet totally sure what the newspaper had to do with the 96 deaths but I will read it all up today, my intentions were pure, what some people think I ment by the tweet is not in character and doesn't reflect who I am as I train with many other fighters and know many fans personally and the only ones who hate me are the ones who don't know me personally but see some of the stuff which I've wrote online.

Liverpudlian boxers Liam Smith and also Tony Bellew were among those to criticise Davies.

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