Chris Eubank Refuses To Rule Out Conor McGregor Because He Is From Ireland

Chris Eubank Refuses To Rule Out Conor McGregor Because He Is From Ireland

Chris Eubank knows a thing or two about the indomitable fighting Irish spirit. The former WBO world-champion boxer had a 45-2-5 professional record. Although 3 of these defeats came in his last three fights, the first two of his extensive career came at the hands of the Irish boxer, Steve Collins.

Speaking in the build up to Conor McGregor's bout with Floyd Mayweather this weekend, Eubank remained certain that the inexplicable nature of Irish fighters offered McGregor a chance, if little else:

This is not a mismatch. It will be if Conor tries to use skill. You can liken Floyd Mayweather to [Garry] Kasparov, the most fantastic chess player of all time.

There's no way he can live in that particular paradigm but, because he's an Irishman, he may be able to bring a different paradigm into the ring.

Having lost his world title to Collins in 1995, Eubank vocalised his concern with Collins' unusual preparation for their bout. Collins - as Eubank understood it - would be hypnotised throughout the fight; thus impervious to the pain Eubank could inflict upon him presumably.

Seeking logic for what undoubtedly was a harrowing night for Eubank, he conceded the world title he had held for 14 successive title defenses to Collins that night.


Informed by his opinion of Irish fighters and their willingness to indulge such mystic means of attaining success, Eubank believes,

In warfare, the Irish have ghost-like spirits. They can do things other nations can't do. [They're] a very hard people.

Of the upcoming fight itself, Eubank believes the McGregor and Mayweather are fighting for 'honour', and not the perceived purse on offer. Admittedly a 'romantic', Eubank reckons Saturday night's fight will go the distance.


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