Fury Vs Wilder Rematch! WBC Sanction Fight To Give Boxing Fans Their Wish

Fury Vs Wilder Rematch! WBC Sanction Fight To Give Boxing Fans Their Wish

After the initial bout between the pair ended in a controversial draw last weekend, the World Boxing Council have confirmed this evening that a Fury vs Wilder rematch has now been sanctioned.

After the council's Board of Governors reached a unanimous decision on whether or not to sanction a rematch of the bout, boxing fans can now begin to get excited about the follow-up to one of the fights of 2018.

In the brief written statement accompanying tonight's announcement, the sanctioning body outlined their reasons for the quick decision: "Wilder and Fury gave boxing one of the best fights in the heavyweight division in a long time, which has created tremendous popular demand for the fans to see a rematch."

Attention will swiftly turn toward both camps, and how they carry out negotiations between themselves regarding the critical details surrounding this rematch: Where/when will it take place? How much will the fighters in question earn?


According to reports from the WBC, talks between both Fury and Wilder's camps regarding the rematch are already well underway.

With their initial bout last weekend ending in draw, many analysts suspected that Tyson Fury had been somewhat unlucky to end up with only a drawn result to show for his efforts.

Appearing to dominate most of the 12-rounds in question, two knock-downs in Wilder's favour ultimately left fans with an immediate hunger for a rematch.

While many suspect Fury can only improve after he continues his long road to recovery, the American Deontay Wilder will undoubtedly be aware that any knock-down in the rematch must this time stick.

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