Ireland's Youngest Pro Boxer Sits Irish Oral Just Hours After Bout In Hungary

Ireland's Youngest Pro Boxer Sits Irish Oral Just Hours After Bout In Hungary

How about this for commitment? The dedication required in the life of a professional athlete is something most of us could not even comprehend. They spend all of their time entirely devoted to their craft, basing everything they do around their goal to reach the top.

All of that is difficult enough, before you chuck in something like receiving an education into the mix. Juggling those two things has to be incredibly different, but it is something one young Irish boxer knows all about.

17-year old James Power is the youngest professional boxer in Ireland. He is so young in fact, that he cannot even fight professionally in this country, as you must be 18-years old to do so.

As Power will not reach that milestone until next week, he was recently forced to travel to Hungary for a fight. He would come out on top in that one, but his work was not finished yet. That's because he had to rush home to sit his Irish Oral only hours later. He told RTÉ:

I was in school on Thursday and when I came home my mother said she was speaking to my manager, that a fight came up for Saturday in Hungary.

I went over on Friday, fought on Saturday, came home on Sunday, got home around 3am, and had my Irish Oral at 8am.


Now that's dedication! With desire like this, he is sure to go far in the world of boxing.

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Gary Connaughton

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