Jason Quigley Has No Doubt That He Can Beat Canelo Alvarez

Jason Quigley Has No Doubt That He Can Beat Canelo Alvarez

Jason Quigley has always had the goal of becoming a world champion. Even when he has had setbacks in his career, he has remained steadfast in pursuit of that goal.

He was well on track for most of his career, before a loss to Tureano Johnson in July of last year. He since picked himself up with two more knockout wins, moving his professional record to 18-1.

At 29-years old, he is on the verge of the biggest fight of his career.

Canelo Alvarez is one of the biggest names in boxing, and is arguably the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world at the moment. He has won titles at fight different weights, with the only blotch on his 56 fight pro record being a 2013 loss to Floyd Mayweather.

It has been rumoured in recent weeks that Quigley could be given the opportunity to fight the Mexican later this year, with a September date a possibility.

The Donegal man has now confirmed the fight is looking likely. He also said that he won't just be there to make up the numbers.

Speaking on The Buildup Podcast on, Quigley said that he would not take the fight if he did not believe he could be Canelo.



Everything is still on track. I heard first off about three weeks ago when my manager called me up and asked was I interested in a Canelo Alvarez fight. I said '100%, without a doubt'

He said that the fight had been offered and they were just finalising the last few opponents for the shortlist. I said to stick my name down. My name was on the shortlist and I agreed to the fight.

It's being cut down to two or three fighters and I think I'm going to be one the ones fighting Canelo Alvarez...

You have a game plan and a path of where you want your career to go and how you're going to get there. But when opportunities like this come knocking, you can't turn it away.

On the grand scale it's probably not the ideal fight in terms of the plan we had on how to get myself to the world title fight, but you're probably just bypassing a few steps to get in there.

I'm very realistic. I know I'm going to be a massive underdog going into that fight...

Trust me now when I say this. If I didn't think I could beat him, I wouldn't get into the ring with him.

I'm getting in there and I know I'm a big underdog, but I know I have it within me to possibly beat Canelo. Otherwise, why would I get in there?

I'm not one of these fighters that takes fights to get paid or whatever reason. I'm getting in there with a chance. I'm going in there 110% prepared, focused, and have the belief in my head and heart that I can beat him.

Otherwise I wouldn't get between those ropes.

If the fight does take place, it is highly likely that fans would not be able to attend.

That is certainly a blow to Irish fighting fans, who no doubt would love to cheer on one of their own against one of the biggest names in the sport.

Quigley admitted he would have loved to fight in front of a packed venue, but said the current circumstances also likely contributed to him getting the fight in the first place.

With this fight, I was thinking imagine if there could be fans. Imagine the Irish that would come over, it be just phenomenal.

Then again, if we were in a normal situation, would I get this opportunity to fight Canelo? I'm not too sure.

I have to weigh it up in different ways, but without a doubt I would love if fans could be there. You could pack the place with Irish and the Mexicans would all be together, it would be some hullabaloo.

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