Katie Taylor Denies Expelling Delfine Persoon From Manhattan Hotel

Katie Taylor Denies Expelling Delfine Persoon From Manhattan Hotel

Midway through fight week and the mind games have begun.

The build-up to the fight appeared to be going rather well for Katie Taylor with little in terms of controversy - just the way she likes it. But Delfine Persoon has added the first serving of bite to the highly-anticipated bout at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night, after revealing the Bray fighter insisted they didn't share a short distance away from the weekend's famous venue.

Speaking to Belgian media, Persoon said:

She apparently had a clause in her contract that allowed her to do that. I find that a bit ridiculous, because it was a very large hotel.

Now we are staying more than 15 minutes from Madison Square Garden, a little further from family, friends and supporters. That is a bit sad.

Perhaps...her confidence has been compromised? In any case, it only makes me stronger. I have also noticed that she is slightly smaller than me. That's not bad, I might have some more reach.

Persoon's coach, Filiep Tampere, also spoke to the media about the decision from Taylor's camp, banning them from the Renaissance Hotel.


He said:

It actually disturbed me more than Delfine. She stayed very calm. Maybe Taylor noticed that Delfine makes a very relaxed impression and that makes her a bit nervous.

But Delfine always stays cool and is not easily impressed. It makes no difference to her whether she is boxing in Zwevezele or in Madison Square Garden.

In response to the accusations, Taylor claimed she had no responsibility over such decisions, claiming she "didn't know anything about that."

I don't make those kind of decisions and I definitely didn't request that.

With Eddie Hearn's attention turning to Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr's press conference today, he has yet to field questions surrounding the incident.

It hasn't been the first incident of note between the fighters, with Persoon's coach also claiming Taylor's camp had deliberately forgot to submit documents which interrupted the Belgian's preparations.

With two days left until the big fight, the nervy build-up is brewing away nicely.

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