Dana White Releases Footage Of Contentious Moment From McGregor/Malignaggi Sparring

Dana White Releases Footage Of Contentious Moment From McGregor/Malignaggi Sparring

Paulie Malignaggi left Conor McGregor's training camp more than a week ago in acrimonious circumstances. The former two-weight world champion was working as a sparring partner for McGregor ahead of the Dubliner's fight with Floyd Mayweather later this month.

Malignaggi quit following the leak of photos from the second sparring session. The photos portrayed McGregor in a favourable light with one, in particular, showing the New Yorker on the canvas with McGregor standing over him. It implied that McGregor had knocked down Malignaggi. That there had been a knockdown was something which Malignaggi contended. He thought it had been a 'pushdown'.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, UFC president Dana White released footage from the sparring session with a brief clip of the contentious moment being of particular interest.

White has presumably released the clip as definite proof of a knockdown. However, due to some poor camera work, it's tough to work out how much of a connection McGregor actually made.

White did also release another clip from the sparring session; once which shows McGregor landing some clean hits on Malignaggi.


Malignaggi has reacted angrily regarding the release of the footage.

He explained him ending up on the canvas as being the result of a 'half push half trip'. He also contends that the full 36 minutes of the session would show McGregor losing.


Once McGregor vs Mayweather is done - and if McGregor doesn't get completely embarrassed in his first pro fight - it would not be a surprise to hear talk of the Irish man facing his former sparring partner.

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