Watch: What Conor McGregor's Corner Was Saying Between Rounds Vs Mayweather

Watch: What Conor McGregor's Corner Was Saying Between Rounds Vs Mayweather

More than three months have passed since Conor McGregor was comprehensively beaten by Floyd Mayweather, a fight which saw the Dubliner maker €140 million in one night.

In the build-up to a fight involving Floyd Mayweather, Showtime go behind-the-scenes with a documentary series titled All Access. Mayweather's bout with McGregor was no different. The US broadcaster aired four fascinating episodes looking inside the camps of both fighters.

Last night Showtime released their fifth and final episode called, 'Epilogue,' which captured the instructions given to McGregor and Mayweather from their respective corners.

This is what Owen Roddy was saying to McGregor between rounds.

Round One

That's one round up, Conor. Easy work. Stay relaxed.

Round Two


Enjoy it yeah? It's only gonna get better. Easy work.

He is going to try and drag this out as long as he can. You are outboxing him, we don't need to put him away too early.

Round Three

When you are in the clinch, they are mad to take a point off. Slap the body instead, yeah?

Round Four

I think he might have took that one, yeah?

He is trying to walk you down. Pop and move.

Round Five


Easy work.

Round Six

Okay, deep breath. Beautiful work. You're enjoying it now, it's perfect.

Round Seven

You've worked too hard. You're too fit, too fast, too powerful.

Ready to go? Easy work.

Let's do it man. Another one.

Round Eight

Good round.

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