Michael Conlan Had Gun Pulled On Him During Rio Olympics

Michael Conlan Had Gun Pulled On Him During Rio Olympics

Michael Conlan's experience at the 2016 Olympics in Rio was even worse than we had believed.

Conlan famously ended his amateur career in a blaze of fury at the judges following his shocking defeat against Vladimir Nikitin, giving them the finger and decrying the world governing body as "cheats". Conlan signed a professional contract with Top Rank soon after, and remains undefeated as a pro.

That, however, wasn't the only malign fate Conlan met with in Brazil. In an interview today with ESPN, the boxer reveals he and his father had a gun pulled on them after the Nikitin fight.

Conlan left the Olympic Village after the fight, and stayed with his parents and his finacee. When he and his Dad were travelling in a taxi between the village and the flat, they had a gun pulled on them.

This taxi driver was driving like an absolute asshole and this guy pulled us over and pointed a gun straight through the window - a big Desert Eagle - right at his [the driver's] face.

I looked at my father, he was across the car from me and he said 'don't move, stay calm'.

I was in a mood anyway. My dreams had already been shattered. My only dream as an amateur boxer was to be an Olympic champion and I had that dream stolen from me. At the time, I couldn't really give two fingers that there was a guy stood in front of me with a big Desert Eagle.


All thankfully worked out, and nobody was harmed.

Read the full interview on ESPN.

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