Michael Jackson, Conor McGregor and Pigeon Passion- Mike Tyson's Podcast Is Weird

Michael Jackson, Conor McGregor and Pigeon Passion- Mike Tyson's Podcast Is Weird

Mike Tyson is currently setting the benchmark in how to navigate from a successful sports career into a successful celebrity career.

Exhibition tours, film cameos, documentaries, autobiographies and podcasts. The former baddest man on the planet does it all. His most recent project is the slightly unnervingly named Mike Tyson: Bite the Mic podcast.

Recently Tyson clarified a hilarious story about getting snubbed by Michael Jackson.

Tyson was also asked during this episode did he have any hobbies, and gave an instant answer: Pidgeons.

Wherever I go I bring my pigeons with me. Probably 120. It's from my childhood. It never did me dirty and he's my best friend and robbed you or something, no he never did that.

Does he have a favourite?


You always have a favourite, the cool guy. I can tell in the air if there's one different.

Today, Tyson had 'Golden Boy' Oscar De La Hoya on the episode to discuss each other's boxing career, the sport as it exists today and the much-touted Canelo v GGG rematch.

At one point, Tyson asked De La Hoya about his interest in fighting Conor McGregor. De La Hoya was definitive in his response that he would 'take him out in a round' but said he had little interest in the bout and is retired.

However, De La Hoya had a fairly damning summation of McGregor's ability.

Pacquio is exciting. The thing is, McGregor is not a boxer. He's not a boxer. He can't win, he couldn't win a 12 round fight.

Tyson's straight-talking style doesn't normally enamour itself to broadcasting but the combination of his co-commentator Peter Rosenberg's enthusiasm with good guests makes it a highly entertaining show.

You can listen to episodes in full here.

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