Tony Bellew Urges Chris Eubank Jr To Find Replacement For His Dad

Tony Bellew Urges Chris Eubank Jr To Find Replacement For His Dad

Although they share certain similarities in terms of the 'front' they present, the differences between Chris Eubank and Chris Eubank Jr are occasionally so blatant as to raise queries regarding how the latter retains the services of the former.

Of course, when the former is your father, and an accomplished boxer in his own time, severing such a relationship (even if it is just 'business') is hardly going to be straight forward.

Yet, after Eubank Jr's defeat to George Groves in last night's World Boxing Super Series semi-final, that is what many within boxing are suggesting he should do.

Having been made to look truly out of his depth for the first time in his professional career, even his earlier loss to Billy Joe Saunders held a kind of promise that this performance sorely lacked.

For former World Champion Tony Bellew, this is all the evidence Eubank Jr should need that a crucial change is required if he wants to make any progress:

It was clear that Eubank was getting no advice in the corner - he looked raw and a novice, a bull in a china shop.

He's just a fighter, not a boxer and this sport is called boxing for a reason. It's an art. I don't see Eubank progressing unless he changes things up dramatically. He also needs to go back down to middleweight because he lacks power at super-middleweight.

Not going as far as another former World Champion Naseem Hamed who bluntly encouraged the 28-year-old Eubank Jr to retire, Bellew did encapsulate what many feel is the boxer's only chance of making a worthwhile comeback.


In terms of the wider reception that greeted Eubank Jr's loss, it is fair to say that some of his contemporaries were fairly happy with the result; especially considering the good game both father and son had talked in the build up.

For Eubank Jr, with or without his father in his corner, he has vowed to be back sooner rather than later.

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