The Twitterstorm Over Paddy Barnes Tweeting Followed Normal Rules Of Twitterstorms

The Twitterstorm Over Paddy Barnes Tweeting Followed Normal Rules Of Twitterstorms

The same people who correctly identified the WAGs culpability for England's failure at World Cup 2006 have pinpointed Paddy Barnes' tweeting as the real reason he lost his last 16 bout today.

He was surprisingly beaten by Samuel Carmona Heredia - who in classic style was referred to as 'the Spaniard'.

Needless to say, Paddy's gleefully mischievous twitter account, of which Rory McIlroy is a regular target, was quickly proffered as a reason for the loss. Others who referenced Paddy's tweeting weren't so much blaming it for the loss as engaging in the normal schadenfreude.

As is normally the case, one often only gets wind of these controversies by the time the backlash is already in full swing.

And so, it can be hard to actually unearth the guilty tweets, buried as they are under the far more numerous and heavily retweeted offerings giving out about the guilty tweets.

During previous online controversies which were rather more serious in nature, this writer found it quite impossible to find tweets of an offensive nature, but couldn't stop stumbling upon moralistic tweets giving out about said offensive tweets.

But showing true investigative journalist flair, worthy we believe of a Pulitzer Prize or two, we have dug some of them out.




Joanne Cantwell somewhat apologetically brought up the matter in the RTE post-mortem in a 'I'm only saying what they're saying' manner.

Bernard Dunne and Michael Carruth correctly noted that Paddy has always gone it at hard on the twitter front and it didn't stop him winning medals in London and Beijing.

Another website - also composing the obligatory twitter reaction - grouped this tweet from the Mirror's Pat Nolan among those earlier tweets slagging Paddy for his twitter use, though we are fairly sure Pat was deploying sarcasm on this occasion.

Some tweeters were ferocious in their defence of their Barnes, with one even mocking his attackers for their alleged lack of sexual experience. 


A few more. 


To our mind, Martyn Rosney of Edelman communications raised the most important point, and one often missed in the discussion.

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