Tyson Fury's Cornerman Puts To Bed Conspiracy Theory Around Wilder Win

Tyson Fury's Cornerman Puts To Bed Conspiracy Theory Around Wilder Win

Even weeks after Tyson Fury's convincing win over Deontay Wilder, many people are still analysing how the Brit managed to defeat his opponent so easily.

As a result, a conspiracy theory has been doing the rounds online.

Some believe that Fury's gloves were tampered with before the fight, giving him an advantage. It was suggested that padding near the knuckles was removed, allowing him to inflict more damage on his opponent.

One of Fury's former opponents, Steve Cunningham, said the fighter's unorthodox style pointed towards the knuckles in his gloves offering him sort of advantage:

"Who throws a hook like this. Slapping a hook? – Nobody. Nobody is taught to slap a hook like that.

"Why is Tyson Fury throwing a hook like this? – Especially at that level of boxing.

“Tyson Fury is literally pulling down (his glove) at some point in the fight. He’s letting his hand slip down, down to where the knuckles are not protected by any padding."



However, a member of Fury's team claimed this was all nonsense. Speaking to World Boxing News, cornerman Jorge Capetillo said that there was no chance that the boxer had bent the rules in any way:

People are discrediting this man who has been working and sacrificing to get to this level.

There's a commission who check the gloves after the fight. And when we are in the locker rooms, the commission are in charge to bring those gloves to the locker room and they have them themselves until the fighters glove on.

There's no time to manipulate a glove.

I feel ashamed for those people who like to discredit the sacrifice of a fighter. In this particular time, Tyson Fury.

Tyson Fury is a man of his word, he's a man who plays far. He won the fight fair and square.

He was the bigger man, he was the strongest man, he was the more IQ man in the ring. And that's what happened.


It does all seem a bit farfetched. It is much more likely that Wilder was simply outboxed by his opponent, and that seemed obvious to the vast majority of people who tuned into the fight.

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Gary Connaughton

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