Tyson Fury's Trainer Reveals Mindset Change That Turned Fighter's Career Around

Tyson Fury's Trainer Reveals Mindset Change That Turned Fighter's Career Around

He certainly seems to be enjoying his return to the ring. Tyson Fury's trainer has revealed the major shift in mindset the boxer has undergone since making his comeback, seeming more appreciative of his standing in the sport.

Fury was previously infamous for his inability to stay in shape between fights, often putting on massive amounts of weight when not in training for an upcoming bout. He openly said he viewed boxing as a money making venture for him and his family, and admitted he disliked the sport.

In the press conference to announce his ill-fated rematch with Wladimir Klitschko, the English fighter made this very clear:

Boxing doesn't mean a lot to me. If it did, I wouldn't have gone into camp four stone over weight and eaten every pie in Lancashire and drunk every pint of beer in the UK.

I hate every second of it, and I wish I wasn't a boxer, but I'm in this position...

I hate boxing, but I'm just too fucking good at it and making too much money to stop.

Of course, that fight would never take place. It was originally postponed after an ankle sprain Fury endured in training, with the date changed from July to September 2016. The re-arranged bout was then cancelled, after Fury was deemed 'medically unfit' to participate. It later emerged that the 'Gypsy King' had tested positive for cocaine and was battling ongoing issues with depression.

He would go on to take some time away from the sport, before returning to action in June of last year.

Fury seems to hold a very different attitude than he did previously, especially when it comes to training. His trainer Ben Davison has revealed to BT Sport just how much he has changed:


He said to me the other day, 'it seems crazy to think that now I run for pleasure... as opposed to all my life I've run to lose weight.' It makes a big difference if you enjoy what you do...

You know what, you cant keep him out of the gym. I went on holiday after the fight, and every morning I was waking up to a text saying 'when are you back?'

I was thinking, will you go away! But like I say, it's what we do for a living and it's nice to enjoy what you do.

You can certainly tell. The 30-year old looks in better shape than he has done at any point in his career. He now continues to train after fights, not allowing himself to slip into the bad habits that he had done previously.

With a rematch against Deontay Wilder on the horizon, boxing fans will be hoping Fury maintains his current regime. The heavyweight division is a certainly a lot more interesting when he is in top form, and should he come out on top against Wilder, a potential meeting with Anthony Joshua will be one of the biggest boxing events in recent memory.

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