Tyson Fury's Dad Slates Son's Performance Despite Points Win Over Otto Wallin

Tyson Fury's Dad Slates Son's Performance Despite Points Win Over Otto Wallin

He was taken all the way, but Tyson Fury managed to eek out a points victory over Swede Otto Wallin in Las Vegas last night.

However, his performance didn't impress his own father, John Fury, who was speaking to BT Sport after the fight. The elder Fury launched an attack on his son's performance during the fight.

It was the worst I've seen from Tyson... I’m proud of how he has mauled his way through but he has to be honest and say things are not right. For a man to be in that condition after eight weeks camp it looked like he had nothing after round two.

His astonishment also extended to the deep cut which Fury sustained in the third round, impeding his sight.

With a cut as bad as that, what was it, the third round? I don’t know how he got to the twelfth. I just think he’s a very lucky chap to emerge the winner. But that’s not Tyson in there, I know that.

John Fury also questioned the training team behind his son, stating that "they need to look in the mirror", particularly trainer Ben Davison.

Whatever’s gone wrong in that camp... somebody’s to blame and he just to me looked like he didn’t have any strength from the off. They never listen to you... Everybody else is always right and I’m wrong, but I’ve seen this coming. If I had my say, the lot would be gone. Looking at that there, if he keeps hold of that team, they’re gonna cost his career, I’ll say it live on TV. The team being what’s around him now, Ben Davidson, whatever he’s got there in charge of the business needs to have a look in the mirror and say, ‘Not good enough at a high level.’


Davison responded on Twitter following the comments:

In the aftermath of the fight, Fury continually called Deontay Wilder a 'bum', and reaffirmed that his next fight will be against the 'Bronze Bomber' in February 2020.


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