Video: Boxer Viciously KO's Referee At European Youth Championships

Video: Boxer Viciously KO's Referee At European Youth Championships

There were absolutely disgraceful scenes at the European Youth Boxing Championships in Croatia,  where one boxer went berserk and attacked the referee.

After losing his fight, boxer Vido Loncar (red trunks) also lost the rag. He calmly sauntered over to the referee before landing a cheap shot, a right haymaker that sent the official crashing to the canvas. The referee turtled up on the mat while the boxer pounced and unloaded vicious MMA-esque ground -and-pound on the downed man until he was dragged out of the ring by his ankles.

Chaos ensued as spectators and coaches swarmed the ring to come to the severely hurt referee's aid. However, Loncar's opponent in the blue shorts decided that the best course of action was to flee the scene entirely and as soon as the first punch landed, he legged it out of the ring.

The combat sports world is generally very unforgiving when someone lays their hand on the referee. This boxer will undoubtedly receive a hefty fine, an extended ban and could be pursued legally.


Referee getting knocked out in the European championships

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