"I'll Get You For That" - English Cricket Legend Brilliantly Pranked By His Co-Commentator

"I'll Get You For That" - English Cricket Legend Brilliantly Pranked By His Co-Commentator

Test Match Special is a staple of the British summer.

The BBC show provides live commentary for all Test matches involving England, with Jonathan Agnew and Geoffrey Boycott among the most recognised voices on the show.

Commentating on Test matches most be one of the toughest gigs on radio. Similarly to commentating on the Tour de France, the broadcasters need to keep the listeners entertained as there is so many breaks between balls in a Test match.

Boycott was one of England's leading batsmen at his prime, and is celebrating the 40th anniversary of his 100th century next month. He reached the feat on his home ground of Headingley in an Ashes Test match against Australia. He was the first player to reach the milestone in a Test match.

To prank Boycott ahead of the anniversary, Agnew "received" an ICC Press Release which turned out to be fake. It claimed that a Test Series between England and the Rest of the World from 1970 would lose its first-class status.

Boycott scored a century in that series, and according to the Press Release, his century would be erased from the record books.

It meant his 100th century on front of his home fans in Leeds was actually his 99th, and his 100th came in a tour match in Faisalabad in Pakistan.


Boycott seemed perplexed at first when Agnew started reading the Press Release, but got more agitated when he realised his place in the history books may be affected.

Claiming it was all down to "politics", the 76-year-old (who scored 151 first-class centuries in his career) became more and more defiant about his place in the history books, claiming his historic century at Headingley would remain just that.

When he was told it was a massive wind-up, you can clearly hear his colleagues in the press-room laughing at his misfortune,but he took it very well.

"You muppet, Agnew! I'll get you for that", Boycott said. "You've done me easily haven't ya? Like a kipper."

You can listen to the full segment on the BBC website. It's worth it.

Daniel Kelly

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