30 For 30 On Lance Armstrong Scandal To Be Released Later This Month

30 For 30 On Lance Armstrong Scandal To Be Released Later This Month

We all know the story of Lance Armstrong. The winner of an unprecedented seven Tour de France titles, the cyclist was once held up as an example of how things could be done the right way in a sport that had long been plagued by cheating.

The way he went on to dominate the sport after recovering from testicular cancer made him a global phenomena, with the 'livestrong' bands he produced with Nike selling over 80million units worldwide.

However, his reputation was shattered by admissions of  performance-enhancing drug use. A 2012 investigation from United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) found Armstrong was the 'ring leader' in a sophisticated doping ring, which was taking place during each of his seven Tour de France wins.

He was stripped of all titles as a result, admitting to the accusations in 2013.

Now we will get an in-depth look at his career and what exactly was going on behind the scenes, featuring the man himself.

ESPN's 30 for 30 has set the standard for sports documentaries in recent years, and they will air a two-part special based around Armstrong later this month. The first episode of LANCE airs on May 24th, with the second instalment coming a week later.

It looks like it will be a fantastic watch and you can view the trailer below:


The description of the show reads:

Based around extensive interviews and conversations with Lance Armstrong, the two-part, four-hour film tells the story of the cyclist’s rise out of Texas as a young superstar cyclist; his harrowing battle with testicular cancer; his recovery and emergence as a global icon with his seven consecutive Tour de France titles; and then his massive fall after he was exposed in one of the largest doping scandals in history.

Considering the success The Last Dance has had in recent weeks, we expect this could have a similar impact on the general public.

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