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From A Wheelchair To This - 58 Year Old Razor Ramon Is In Incredible Shape

From A Wheelchair To This - 58 Year Old Razor Ramon Is In Incredible Shape

Scott Hall was one of WWE and WCW's biggest stars during the 1990's. He won over 20 titles during a career, most notably as Razor Ramon in the WWF.

However, he's also struggled majorly with addiction problems. He has been in and out of hospital in the last few years with various issues arising from these addictions.

When ESPN covered him in a mini-documentary in 2011, the former superstar was in a bad way. The film quickly went viral showing him stumble and fall during an appearance for an independent promotion.

Following that stumble, a pacemaker and defibrillator were implanted into his heart, and he needed a hip replacement. He was confined to a wheelchair and his weight had ballooned.

Now though, it appears Hall is in the shape of his life. Former wrestler Diamond Dallas Page helped fundraise for Hall's medical bills in 2013, even bringing him into his home to help 'rebuild' Hall.

After the help from Page, Hall was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2014 under his Razor Ramon character. He would even make an appearance at the following year's Wrestlemania.


And judging from a picture posted by Hall on his Twitter last week, his life has completely turned around. He posted a mirror selfie to his which showed that he is absolutely ripped for any man of 58 years old, nevermind someone who's been through what he has. !

58-year-old Scott Hall probably wouldn't look out of place on a rugby pitch, or even back inside a ring for one more match.

It's an incredible turnaround.

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