19 Reasons Why Being A Leeds United Fan Is Bloody Brilliant

19 Reasons Why Being A Leeds United Fan Is Bloody Brilliant

With Leeds United celebrating their 100th birthday today we thought we'd reshare an old article we've previously published about why being a Leeds fan is so brilliant.

We've also added in a few more reasons because something mad happens at the club literally every TWO minutes!


So the last few months, years, decade hasn't been the most joyous for Leeds United, let's put the bad times and the off-the-pitch nonsense aside for a minute to remember why Leeds are such a great club.

Here are just a few reasons why supporting Leeds is actually brilliant. Make sure to leave a comment with any more great moments or players you remember.

1. Leeds actually invented tiki-taka

Long before Xavi there was a little man from Ireland called John Giles pulling all the strings.


2. Tony Yeboah

Scorer of only the most thunderbastard of tunderbastard goals.


3. Leeds fans are absolutely nuts

Fast forward to one minute in here and keep all eyes on the fan dressed in white behind the goal when Baraclough scores.

4. Like really nuts

He literally couldn't fit any more crests on his head.




5. Ian Harte's free-kicks were the most arousing thing about the early 2000s

By a distance, a better free-kick taker than Cristiano Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos put together.



6. Leeds still beat a certain other United whenever they want

One of the great days since Leeds were relegated from the Premier League.

7. Ridiculous and obscure chants


Ah he was a good lad to be fair to him.


8. No team has every won the league with such a comical goal

Perhaps the greatest team own goal of all time.



9. Dominic Friggin' Matteo!

He typified some of the great 'take no shit' players who have donned a Leeds shirt.



10. That year in the Champions League...


Let's forget about what came afterwards for a second and reflect on an absolutely unbelievable season in the Champions League. It produced some of the most memorable nights in the club's history.

11. Not to mention 1972

Lorimer to Jones, to Clarke ... Clarke heads it!....


12. A special era

So many brilliant players. One of the greatest teams in English football history.

13. Gunnar Halle's terrible haircut was actually a great haircut


Rumour had it that an upside down saucepan was used in produced such wonderful headwear.



14. There ain't many players who scored four goals in one match against Liverpool

Bring back Mark Viduka!



15. Never a dull moment

How can you ever be bored by a club that turns on its head every five minutes.


16. Behold, our Lord and Saviour

17. He spies where he wants...

"We are Leeds. We spy where we want!"


18. Seriously though...

Bielsa and this current Leeds team deserve an entire chapter in the book of Football Porn.

19. Two words: "Pablo Hernandez"

The 74 year-old Spaniard will never stop amazing us.

Mark Farrelly
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Balls Media Audience Development Manager. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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