2 Liverpool Fans Accidentally Went To Gent For Their Match Against GENK

2 Liverpool Fans Accidentally Went To Gent For Their Match Against GENK

How do you do a facepalm on this site?

I don't know whether to shake my head at or applaud two Liverpool fans who accidentally travelled to Gent for their team's Champions League 4-1 win over Genk on Wednesday night.

The pair of lads forked out €70 for match tickets but realised 30 minutes before kick-off that they were in Gent, rather than Genk, which was a two hour drive away on the other side of Belgium.

Stranded, they decided to seek refuge in an Irish pub called The Celtic Towers, where they became mini-celebrities given their ordeal.

Speaking to AVS televisie, one of the lads jokingly explained:


"The motorways here are really fantastic and we just got lost with how good the tarmac was. The roads here just take you away from where you want to go, like Genk, and we went on to Genk."

To be fair they aren't the first people to get the two places mixed up, with Liverpool's group rivals Napoli tweeting the Gent Twitter account rather than Genk when drawn against them in August.

KAA Gent are also trying to track down the unnamed Liverpool fans with an invitation to their Europa League match against Wolfsburg tonight.

Lookit, could happen to the best of us, I suppose!

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