Video: 'Man, Shut Up' - Mario Balotelli Is Not A Happy Chap

Video: 'Man, Shut Up' - Mario Balotelli Is Not A Happy Chap

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Mario Balotelli Instagram Outburst

Liverpool Striker Mario Balotelli isn't one to shun the limelight, quite the opposite in fact. It may seem like a bit longer than usual since his last noteworthy incident but he's back with a bang.

Posting on his personal Instagram page, Balotelli takes aims at no-one in particular. The list of people he could be taking aim at includes practically the entire football watching public, there are very few people who haven't doubted him through the years.

Do you know me? Did you ever talk to me, personally?

Do you know what I've been through in my life?

You just saw me play football in the pitch

Man, Shut up

For those with an easy judge without knowing s*** about others. Good night????. #idowhatiwant-remember!

A video posted by Mario Balotelli???????????????? (@mb459) on


Liverpool fans would rather he do his talking on the football pitch we'd suspect.

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