5 Outstanding Mick McCarthy One-Liners From 2018 Alone

5 Outstanding Mick McCarthy One-Liners From 2018 Alone

If you are not regularly following the East Anglian Daily Times, you should.

The preeminent overseer of Ipswich Town's Championship fortunes, they are in prime position to cover Mick McCarthy and his impeccable wit.

While we are all aware of McCarthy's outstanding press conference moments from his days in the Premier League, a quick consultation of the EADT proves he is still incredibly good value.

Sitting slap bang in the middle of the Championship table, Ipswich currently sit eight points off the playoff places.

Having joined Ipswich in 2012, the relationship has perhaps become a little strained in recent weeks; an off-hand comment from McCarthy this week hinting at a possible exit in the summer.

However, it has hardly stalled his ability to entertain. In the last few weeks alone, the former Ireland manager has tossed many great one-liners our way.

Here are a selection of his finer ones in recent weeks:


"It's like trying to turn around an oil tanker with a canoe paddle"

Anyone aware of McCarthy's managerial career will know that his spell with Sunderland could have gone a little more favourably than it did. Sacked in 2006 after getting the club promoted the year before, overseeing a 2-0 win over Chris Coleman's struggling Sunderland, the Ipswich man captured beautifully the toughness of his contemporary's task.

"And I said, 'Some people can fuck off'"

One of the memorable lines captured on camera, McCarthy took the occasion of his side beating Leeds United last month to drag up a conversation he had for the return meeting last year. After a disappointing 1-1 draw with Thomas Christiansen's side, McCarthy was questioned whether 'some people might think that's two points dropped.' McCarthy's response was firm, and fair.

"Freddie played in the 23s this week. I didn't phone him on the Sunday to tell him he was playing because I didn't want to piss his Sunday and his Monday off!"

Regarding the mood of Freddie Sears, McCarthy wanted to try and keep the former West Ham United man as happy as possible. Selecting him for a reserve fixture, McCarthy conceded that despite his best efforts, "I did piss him off, I have to be honest." Thankfully, Sears later took his chance against Sunderland, featuring well in their 2-0 win.


"No, he said he needed a drink. So did I given my last one was New Year's Eve!"

Yet another drawn from Ipswich Town's 2-0 win against Sunderland, Joe Garner's goal prompted an apparent celebration with the staff and substitutes. McCarthy was under no such illusions:

I never, ever thought he was coming to me - don't worry! I don't get caught in that trap putting my hands our and them running past! No, he said he needed a drink. So did I given my last one was New Year's Ever! I might have one tonight.

"I saw a comment that 'fans were underwhelmed' by his signing. That's why they are the fans that's why I'm the manager."

The performances of Irish midfielder Stephen Gleeson had been pleasing his club manager McCarthy, if not quite the fans. Determined that Gleeson was "a mile above anyone else in terms of getting it and passing it", McCarthy's demonstration of his authority was short and shrift.

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