5 Sporting Moments In 2020 That Have Been Very On-Brand

5 Sporting Moments In 2020 That Have Been Very On-Brand

2020's been a bit of craic, hasn't it?

Sweeping pandemics, huge social unrest, the overarching prospect of a huge recession, it's been one for the history books anyway.

Well, due to the nature of this utter travesty of a year, we've compiled a list of five sporting moments that fit perfectly into the narrative of 2020.

Prepare to grimace, folks...

Barcelona 2 - 8 Bayern Munich

This century, there isn't another side in world football that has been as lauded and as drooled over as Barcelona.

From tiki-taka to La Masia to endemic tax evasion, the club that's more than a club have been looked at as a pillar for how to do things right. Well, at least that was the case...


The two-headed monster of Xavi and Iniesta in the centre of the park is now gone, the anchor of Carles Puyol at the back is long departed and the genius of Pep Guardiola is currently baldly defrauding in Manchester.

What Barcelona have now is a penchant for overpaying French lads and marginalising the greatest player of all-time.

All of those aspects came to a head in Barca's Champions League quarter-final against Bayern Munich, a team with a refreshing footballing ethos and really fast lads on the wing.

You could forgive Barca for losing, considering Bayern were the favourites to lift the big-eared trophy, but to lose 8-2? That's unforgivable.

To make matters worse, Philippe Coutinho scored twice against them. The Brazilian was thrust out of the Nou Camp as quickly as he came in. Barcelona tried to pimp him out to every European club under the sun, and then, he scores twice against his parent club.

It doesn't rain but it bleedin' pours.


RG Snyman tears his cruciate 7 mins into Munster debut

This is misfortune 101.

Rugby fans had to wait an age for action to return following COVID-19, and Munster fans were more excited than most. The province signed a trio of Damian de Allende, RG Snyman and Matt Gallagher, immediately strengthening the side.

Both de Allende and Snyman won the World Cup with South Africa the previous year, so things were looking up for Munster.

That was until their first game back against rivals Leinster at the AVIVA Stadium. Though the contest was closely fought, with Munster coming up short on a 27-25 scoreline, the result was marred by an injury to Snyman.

Just seven minutes into his Munster career, Snyman torn his ACL during a lineout. The diagnosis is that the lock won't return for up to a year, so we can imagine that COVID-19 will probably be on its 17th wave by then.


Hawkeye not doing its job in the Premier League

Technology in football, it's a debate that's been chatted about in pubs the world over. Some aspects are great, some not so much.

Goal line technology and hawkeye are pieces of kit that have been met with universal approval, doing their jobs in the background perfectly and without fuss.

That was until Sheffield United visited Villa Park to take on... Villa in the Premier League in June.

Oli Norwood's whipping free-kick caused all sorts of problems for Villa's slick and sexy goalkeeper Ørjan Nyland, who fell over his line and into his own goal. Whilst the Sheffield United players celebrated a clear goal, referee Michael Oliver was waiting for confirmation from his little goal watch, constantly glancing at it like he was impatiently waiting for a 54a.

The confirmation (nor the 54a) never came, due to the ruck of bodies impinging on Hawkeye's sight. The goal, foolishly, didn't go to VAR either, with everyone in the control tower pointing fingers at each other claiming guilt.


Zenit St Petersburg and the crystal cup

We don't care if it's Waterford, if it's Tipperary, or if it's any other county-based crystal company, football trophies should not be made out of glass.

It's bad enough that you have Milan Baros breaking the Champions League trophy or Sergio Ramos with the Copa del Rey, at least they're sturdy enough to hack it.

Over in Russia, Zenit St Petersburg won the Russian Cup and were given a sham of a trophy, all glass, no substance.


Former Chelsea player Branislav Ivanovic was lifting the trophy in all manner of ways, just to showcase that he could, we guess.

Either that, or the Serbian was looking to 'accidentally' break this utter disgrace of a trophy. Either way, he dropped it, with the trophy smashing akin to a pint glass in a packed pub.

There were no cheers in Russia, but we were cheering at home.

Manchester City's European ban overturned


Everyone's actions have consequences. What you do to your fellow man is how you are received and treated going forward.

If you're backed by Emirati money, however, the rules are a lot different.

Manchester City were guilty of being in breach of financial fair play and were handed a two year ban from the Champions League. Their owners gave the club £30 million in 2012 and 2013 under the guise that it was from the telecommunications company Etisalat, not them. That is, simply put, not on.

City were within their rights to appeal it, and of course, they won their appeal, meaning that football will be forever tarnished by money and will move further and further away from core values of community.

At least they can still flatter to deceive on the pitch, with a man with as many hair follicles on his head as Manchester City have Champions Leagues.

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Sean Meehan

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