7 Playstation Football Game Covers From The 90s That Will Floor You With Nostalgia

The 90s, what a time to be alive.

playstation football games

A Japanese games console took pride of place in the middle of living rooms all over the World, and Playstation football games were coming out in all shapes and sizes, rather than just FIFA and Pro Evo like today. Some were good, most were absolute crap, but all of them were probably rented on your parents' Chartbusters account at some stage.

Try to hold back the tears as you feast your eyes on these classic covers.

Actua Soccer 2

playstation football games
Featuring Alan Shearer? Get in!

International Superstar Soccer Pro


playstation football games
"It's a fight for aerial domination!"

Michael Owen's World League Soccer 99

playstation football games
Awful. Just awful.

Adidas Power Soccer International 97

playstation football games
Two-footed lunges and keepy-uppies. Hours of fun.

World Cup France 98


playstation football games
What a sensational game this was.

Ronaldo V-Football

Samba De Janiero as the into song, a classic.

This Is Football

It was. It truly was. At least the diving part anyway.

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Mikey Traynor

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