7 Things That Have Really Been Bothering Us About Football

7 Things That Have Really Been Bothering Us About Football
The Most Annoying Things About Football

After Mesut Ozil and Geoffrey Kondogbia were criticised by many for swapping shirts at half time in a vital Champions league tie last night, we look at the seven most annoying attribute of football in the last few months

1. Swapping jerseys early

Perhaps nothing is more hated by commentators and fans alike than the early swapping of shirts. With so much on the line, be it progression to the Champions League quarter-finals or three points in the league, the last thing that should be on the mind of players is swapping shirts. Go nuts swapping jerseys at the end of the game, your job is done then but until then nothing but 100% focus on the task at hand is suffice.

2. Fans going nuts at players swapping jerseys early

It doesn't really matter though, does it? Swapping your jersey during a 15 minute break in play isn't going to affect the focus of any player. He would be putting on a fresh one at half-time regardless. If your team lost, and you're blaming a player swapping shirts at half-time, you need to do some soul-searching.

3. Fans complaining about players crowding the referee

There's been a lot of debate about players crowding the referee as of late. Yes it's unsavoury, but when your own team did it and got Johnny Opposition sent off you weren't quite moaning as much. Fans of a certain Manchester club must have short memories, forgetting one Roy Maurice Keane was at the forefront of intimidating crowding the referee in his time.

4. Non Celebrations


Modern footballers have perfected the art of the non-celebration. They don't want to be seen celebrating scoring against a former employer yet do exactly that. The smug smile, the pushing the hands down or holding them up to apologise. If they didn't want to celebrate they'd surely run straight back to their half for the kick off. It would be better for everybody if they just celebrated properly, good man Danny Welbeck.

5. Co-Commentators being news

We know Michael Owen is commentator, we don't need to be reminded of it for the entire match. How it's even a surprise we're not sure as he's widely known he's contracted to work for BT Sport. If it really affected your enjoyment of the match, you'd switch over.

6. Managers using playing style to compensate for winning

Arsene Wenger complained that Monaco didn't deserve to progress at the expense of Arsenal as they registered no shots on targter in the second-leg. So fecking what? They won the tie on away goals fairly. They went to London and played Arsenal off the park.

The away goals rule is hardly new and who can blame a team for sitting back with their opponents needed to score three?

7. These over used 'jokes'


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