A Valencia Legend Goes On A Twitter Rant Against Gary Neville's Appointment

A Valencia Legend Goes On A Twitter Rant Against Gary Neville's Appointment

The world was shocked on Wednesday when Gary Neville, not Phil, was named as manager of Valencia. The news seemed to come from nowhere just a few days after Phil was promoted to take charge of the team on a temporary basis following the departure of Nuno.

For the most part, the news has been warmly received by most, but one Valencia legend isn't happy. Spanish goalkeeper Santiago Canizares played 416 games for Valencia in his ten years at the club, and tweeted out his opposition to the appointment.

In his four tweet rant, Canizares seems to suggest that Neville's business partnership with Valencia owner Peter Lim is the only reason why he was hired ahead of other names, and there is no way that the former United legend would have been given the job otherwise. Canizares makes sure to point out his problem is with Peter Lim and the process that saw Neville hired, rather than to disrespect Neville, but it's clear the passionate keeper isn't pleased.

"Gary takes control of Valencia as a result of his friendship with Lim. Whether he is a good or bad coach is just a guess. A riddle..."


"Lim seems to be very suspicious, and he has chosen a friend and partner who has a coaching license...2

" Gary is a football man, who has earned respect through his work. I wish we had eleven Garys at Valencia"

"But the problem remains, there is no management or criteria met for his... if it goes well its a coincidence.

That's some strong stuff from Canizares.

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