Some People Are Not Happy About Aaron Connolly VAR Decision

Some People Are Not Happy About Aaron Connolly VAR Decision

VAR has been a mixed bag in the Premier League thus far. While it has helped referees make the correct decision in the majority of cases, the way in which it has been used has left a lot to be desired at times.

Every weekend there seems to be a couple of obvious calls that are missed by the technology. This is largely down to the high threshold of intervention that has been set by the Premier League, which essentially means that there would have to be a huge error from the referee before the on-field decision is overturned.

That is what makes today's decision in the Brighton-Everton game so surprising.

Irish striker Aaron Connolly went down in the penalty area under pressure from Michael Keane and it initially seemed to be a nothing incident. However, replays would show that Keane stood on Connolly's foot as he was about to receive the ball.

The decision would go to VAR, where it was expected that the penalty would not be given. Much to everyone's surprise, the spot kick was awarded.

(The incident will play automatically when you click on the video below.)


This looks like a penalty to us, with Keane clearly standing on Connolly's foot. The Brighton man probably went down a bit easy, but it's almost impossible to get a penalty if you don't hit the floor.

If this happened anywhere else on the pitch there would be very little argument against awarding a foul.

However, many don't share that opinion. Gary Lineker is amongst that bunch, claiming it was never a penalty.


It wouldn't be like Lineker to have an Everton bias to be fair. Others shared that sentiment.



Connolly also played a part in Brighton's opener, winning the free-kick that would be converted by Pascal Groß.

He was a handful all day, which is an excellent sign as we head into a do-or-die qualifier against Denmark next month.

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Gary Connaughton

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