7 Things We Noticed In The Airtricity League 2013 Season Launch Picture

7 Things We Noticed In The Airtricity League 2013 Season Launch Picture

The 2013 Airtricity League season had its media launch today at the Aviva Stadium.  The obligatory team photo has a number of things to note.


Airtricity League 2013 launch


1) The Airtricity League trophy is far more impressive than most football trophies. It's no European Cup but its more impressive than most European leagues.

2) Shels players wearing their squad numbers on their right chest is a very welcome development. Instantly makes them cooler than with no numbers there anyway.

3) Shame on Stephen Bradley (Limerick, 2nd from right on bottom) and Stephen O'Donnell (Dundalk - 3rd from right on top) for wearing runners instead of boots. First fine of the new season? It should be.


4) League of Ireland players do a good moody stare. DO NOT F*** WITH THEM!

5) The Airtricity League is the only top-level league that has a picture of a pudding on a jersey (Cork City's sponsor Clonakilty Black Pudding).

6) This (tipped-to-struggle) Bohs team being pictured with Karma on their jersey will please supporters of their rivals (The nn in  'Karmann' is missing).

7) The jerseys of Sligo Rovers and Shels really are too alike now they both have VW dealerships as sponsors.  There should be a league panel to veto stuff like this. I'll volunteer.

One week to league kick off.  Bring it on!

pic courtesy of Billy Galligan Photos

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