Sporting World Shocked As Ajax Land A Magnificent Victory For Football

Sporting World Shocked As Ajax Land A Magnificent Victory For Football

Prior to Ajax’s visit to Real Madrid, Marc Overmars laid out in no uncertain terms the task facing his club:

“Our wage budget for the 1st, 2nd and youth team is 28 million. That's as much as Gareth Bale earns in a year. What Real Madrid pays for one player is used for our entire squad.”

What followed was one of the most reassuring results in European football’s recent memory. 4-1, the Champions felled.

The triumph of technicality over affluence. Skilful slight over financial might. Brain over brawn.

Ajax did not merely overcome the Champions League champions, they obliterated them. An array of relentless overlaps, sensational spins and terrific twirls amalgamated into one glorious night of nonstop immaculate football.

This is not only a victory for long-term development, it’s a victory for shrewd recruitment. The Dutch outfit do not have the deep pockets of their European rivals and thus shop through the lower-tier ordinariness in search of a prospect who will fit their system and suit their style.

That is how Dušan Tadić, who faded away from the Premier League last summer for a little over ten million, found himself on the biggest stage of them all. He took his opportunity, blasting home his sixteen goal in 23 games.




A win for unity over individuality. A win for long-term planning over knee-jerks reactions. A win for the retainer over the ruler.

A win for football.

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Maurice Brosnan

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