Report: Alexis' WhatsApp Message Claims He Won Bet On Jose Sacking

Report: Alexis' WhatsApp Message Claims He Won Bet On Jose Sacking

Alexis Sanchez' time under Jose Mourinho could hardly have gone worse, for all parties.

For Sanchez - he has dropped out of the team having made virtually no impact whatsoever, in spite of having a full summer off this year after Chile missed out on the World Cup. It didn't go well for Mourinho, either, (but nothing did) while the club can't exactly be thrilled with their investment.

His wages are insane:  Sanchez makes a basic wage of £391,000 a week, and gets a £75,000 bonus for every game he plays. And on top of all that, he is given an extra £1.1 million every year as a signing-on fee. This is inflating wages around him, as some of United's most important players push for wage increases of their own.

This week, however, it seems that Sanchez at least got a bit of cheer following the sacking of Jose Mourinho.

According to a report in The Sun, Sanchez sent a message to the Man United players' WhatsApp group reading "I told you so!! Patience is all it takes. Rojo you owe me £20k".


Oh, to be able to read that full group chat over the last few days....

Alexis is currently at home in Chile, recuperating from a hamstring injury.

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