Andy Gray & Richard Keys Slam James Rodriguez For Everton Comments Made On Twitch

Andy Gray & Richard Keys Slam James Rodriguez For Everton Comments Made On Twitch

It hasn't been an ideal summer for Everton.

Not only did they lose their manager at the end of last season, but the transfer dealings they have managed to pull of so far have hardly set the pulses racing. The fact that many of their supporters did not want new boss Rafael Benitez at the club likely means that any dip in form will be met with a very negative reaction.

The fact that their highest paid player is not even involved in the first team picture isn't exactly helping matters.

James Rodriguez has been told he can leave the club this summer, with Everton keen to get his massive ages off the books. They likely weren't exactly pleased with the self imposed hiatus the Colombian took in the second half of last season.

The player hasn't exactly been too fussed about the situation, admitting that the departure of Ancelotti has impacted his desire to play for the club.

Rodriguez hasn't exactly been breaking his back in an attempt to get into Benitez's plans having yet to return to the club after the summer break. In fact, he hasn't even been closely keeping up with their fortunes on the pitch.

During a Twitch stream earlier this week, he admitted he didn't even know who Everton were playing this weekend.


On the weekend I will not play, I don’t even know who Everton is playing, can you please tell me? I think it is away because the past was here at home.

Unsurprisingly, the comments have not gone down well, with Andy Gray and Richard Keys amongst those to question them.

Speaking on beIN Sports, the pair said that he should not play for the club again considering his current attitude:

Gray: Never mind ‘casts doubts’, he shouldn’t have an Everton future. I’m staggered.

Keys: If he did, then he shouldn’t after that.

My problem with him all along was, I said to you last season, if he was a good player, a really good player, he wouldn’t have been at Everton.

He’d have been at one of the top four clubs in England, or Spain or perhaps, maybe one of the best in France...

He was on a plane going to Colombia… he didn’t even get involved in Copa America for them.

You’d think he’d come home saying, ‘you know what? I owe Everton. I’ve had a fantastic twelve months and I want to repay this… I know the manager (Benitez) said I’m not in his plans, I’m going to make him pick me.

Gray: Obviously that’s not the character he is.

My judgement was perhaps clouded by the manager who said I’m going to bring him in and that’s Carlo Ancelotti.

We can't imagine we will be seeing Rodriguez play a big part for Everton this season, even if they can't find any takers for him in the coming weeks.

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