Andy Robertson's Golden Letter To Young Fan Is Strikingly Humble

Andy Robertson's Golden Letter To Young Fan Is Strikingly Humble

Andrew Robertson has forced his way into the Liverpool starting team this year after several assured performances at full-back. In recent weeks, Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool fans have made their admiration well known as the 23-year-old looks to fix a problematic position.

It seems Robertson is not only impressing on the field, as the Scotsman wrote a highly amusing letter to a young fan who had donated his pocket money to a food bank. Robertson, aware of the less than glamorous nature of his position, had an alternative offering for the youngster.


I've got one of Roberto Firmino's match shirts from this season and asked him to sign it for you, by way of a thank you for what you did for the foodbanks. Let's be honest Alfie- no one wants the left back's shirt- which is why I got you Bobby's instead. Hope that's okay.

Robertson will be back in action this Saturday as Liverpool take on Manchester United, and while there may be significantly less glamour, Anfield's faithful will be happy to just have a consistent left-back who is decent both offensively and defensively.

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