Antoine Griezmann Ends Transfer Saga And Confirms He Is Going Nowhere

Antoine Griezmann Ends Transfer Saga And Confirms He Is Going Nowhere

French striker Antoine Griezmann has announced he is staying at Atletico Madrid in a prolonged interview style show aired tonight.

The broadcast was marketed as #LaDecisión. It bore an uncanny resemblance to the notorious Lebron James documentary 'The Decision', a TV special aired when James announced he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for Miami Heat. That show was poorly received at the time and James later said he regretted doing it but rating wise, the show was a huge success.

Greizmann's version, which aired just two days before France begin their World Cup campaign, saw the 27-year-old reflect on various moments in his career and discuss the rumours, before confirming he was staying in the Spanish capital.

The 30-minute documentary was watched worldwide, with the announcement coming at the very end.


They are doing everything they can to keep Atlético growing and so that they can play the Champions League final at home, they are making an effort to bring top players, I feel like I want to stay in.

This is going to make a difference. I have decided to stay.


The news comes as a huge boost to Diego Simeone, who won the Europa League with an already small squad last season.

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