Arsenal Fan TV Was Must-Watch After Bayern Munich Humiliation

Arsenal Fan TV Was Must-Watch After Bayern Munich Humiliation

Looking back now, the needle had barely moved on the Richter scale of Troopz's fury before Arsenal's humiliation in Munich on Wednesday night. The defeats to Chelsea and Watford in recent weeks were just minor tremors in comparison.

Remarkably, it was still a controlled fury as the Arsenal Fan TV regular channeled the feelings of many supporters following a familiar night for them in Europe. For the seventh year in a row, bar a miracle, Arsenal will exit the Champions League at the last-16 stage.

It's done. He's finished. He has nothing left to give for the club.

There's no pride in this team. There's no passion in this team. Where the fuck is there, blood?

It's a fucking joke, Robbie. Every fucking year. Every year, fam, same point of the season, everything's done. There whole thing's done fam. The whole thing blood.

Why is it done? Arsene 'Bood Clot' Wenger. Him. He's a fucking dinosaur. He's extinct. He's finished.

Arsenal Fan TV after Bayern Munich defeat

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