Arsenal Fan TV To Enter Voluntary Liquidation Following Wenger Exit

Arsenal Fan TV To Enter Voluntary Liquidation Following Wenger Exit

In the wake of the news that Arsene Wenger is set to step down from his role as manager of Arsenal football club, Arsenal Fan TV have announced that they will enter voluntary liquidation as the company reckons it may no longer be viable as a business.

The channel which was founded in 2012 attracts thousands of views every week from videos of angry fans calling out their current manager and telling him to give up his job. But it is thought that with Wenger finally leaving the club in the summer that it will have dire financial consequences on the channel, which gains a large portion of its revenue from rival fans laughing at said videos.

The news has led founder Robbie Lyle to implore the Arsenal board to consider hiring current Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers as he is the only candidate that would provide the necessary amount of outrage to keep Arsenal Fan TV a viable enterprise:

It's the only way I can see us going on if I'm honest. Rodgers would be the perfect man to keep the outrage going, despite you know, being a decent manager. But look so was Arsene, and look how much disdain he managed to generate. But if the board decides to go with a decent manager and the results start to pick up, then I think we'll have to knock this on the head. But it's been a good run though. Maybe wherever Arsene ends up next I'll start another fan channel there and the cycle can start again. We'll see.


The official statement from the club, which was released this morning, has rocked Arsenal's fanbase to it's core. In the blink of an eye many supporters have lost the motto that has come to define their relationship with the club, with confused GunnersĀ  found wandering the streets still shouting 'Wenger Out!' at anyone who will listen.

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