Awwww! These C.D. Leganés Lads Love Their Mammies

Awwww! These C.D. Leganés Lads Love Their Mammies

If you are a man, and you weren't let known on at least five occasions that yesterday was #InternationalWomensDay, then you my friend, don't know enough women.

Ladies up and down the land revelled Friday in celebration of womanhood, with countless husbands, boyfriends, fathers and brothers retreating to local watering holes for safety.

One group of Spanish lovely fellas have, however, embraced the festivity by saluting their mammies in a wonderful display of sensitivity.

The lads from C.D. Leganés took to the pitch at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium earlier, for their La Liga game with Atlético Madrid, with the names of their respective mothers emblazoned across the back of their jerseys.


Unfortunately for Mauricio Pelligrino's side, Mammy is not always going to be around to help you out.

The well meaning Leganés boys went down 1-0 to their title chasing opponents.

Spanish international Saul was able to follow-up to finish after Andriy Lunin saved his tame 50th minute penalty - awarded in controversial circumstances after Angel Correa seemed to full on dive to win the spot-kick.

His Mammy won't be happy with him.

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Aaron Strain

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