The Football Show Weekly Quiz: Which Player Was More Expensive?

The Football Show Weekly Quiz: Which Player Was More Expensive?

The new football season is now well and truly underway, and we think it's the perfect time to introduce you to our new football podcast.

Every Monday, The Football Show will be discussing all the action from the footballing world from the previous weekend. We will be looking at all things Premier League, with a special focus on Irish players. You can subscribe to the podcast here.

Every week, the podcast will also feature a themed quiz. This subject matter will change, with this week's focused around transfer fees.

If you want think you can fare better than the lads, you can take part in the quizzes below.

The first one will ask you to pick which player cost more, while the second will require you to rank four Irish players by the fee they moved for in the 09/10 season.


Best of luck!


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Gary Connaughton

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