Football Presents The Official 'Sweets XI' Presents The Official 'Sweets XI'

Earlier in the week asked readers to choose their 'Sweets XI'. The idea was borne of a simple pun. Someone had brought in some gummy sweets and the next thing you know Haribo West was racing down the left wing of our minds as we scrambled to think of other confectionery based footballers.

Definitely the highlight of my week so far has been reading through your suggestions for the 'Sweets XI'. It wasn't easy picking a team and there's sure to be some discontent from the (pun)ters. I've gone with a rudimentary 4-4-2 though I have two left backs in my team and a striker on the wing, & I can only hope their puns are funny enough to justify their selection.

Goalkeeper - Bruce Grobstopper

A tough prospect that doesn't crack under pressure.

Left Back - Haribo West


Bit of a mixed bag this lad.

Centre Back - John Terrys' Chocolate Orange

Not everyone's favourite but a solid, well rounded defender.

Centre Back - Polo Toure


Often linked to a porous defence, but a lot of the play goes through the defender.

Right Back - John Arne Reese’s Pieces

Sticks to attackers well.

Wham-my Abraham - Right Wing


A leftfield choice, Wham-my has impressed when called upon despite the fact his relationship with the gaffer has soured somewhat as of late.

Didier DesChomp - Defensive Mid

An experienced presence, DesChomp will add some bite to the midfield.

Marc Overmars - Attacking Mid


A classic, Overmars is a key ingredient in midfield with his tasty first touch.

Freddo Ljunberg - Left Wing

The wingers' value has really gone up over the years.

Salomon Bon Bon - Striker


Fans can't get enough of this fella.

Robin Van Hershey -  Striker

This foreign import splits opinion. Has a sweet left foot.

Manager - Mike Bassetts Allsorts


Bassetts Allsorts will have his work cut out for him trying to keep all his troops sweet.



Jamie Caramel

Massimo Macaroone


Danny Roses

Martin Skittles

Paolo Ferrero Rocher

Maxim Chupa Chupps Moting

Dwight Yorkie

Fruit Salah

Marcos Rolo


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Eoin Lyons

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