Ballybrack FC's 'Dead' Player Taken To Hospital By Mother

Ballybrack FC's 'Dead' Player Taken To Hospital By Mother

The man at the centre of Ballybrack FC's audacious attempt to get a match called off has revealed that upon returning to Spain, his mother brought him to the hospital.

Fernando Nuno La-Fuente was declared dead by Ballybrack FC in order to get a match called off in the Leinster Senior League, despite the web programmer being alive and well and working in Galway.

The Spaniard appeared on Paddy Power's Christmas Cracker and explained that he has become something of a celebrity in his native country following the incident

My mam [Amparo] works in the Town Hall in Spain and many of her friends came to my house to see me and speak with me over the past few days.


La Fuente also revealed his mother's suspicion once her son landed in the airport, which forced her to bring him to both the dentist and the doctor, just to be sure:

She took me first to the dentist and then to the hospital.

Everything was okay. I tried to tell her I was fine but she wanted to see it with her own eyes.

After it, she bought me a hot water bottle to bring back with me to Ireland.

I'd love to know how the conversation with the doctor went; 'I'm sorry but can you just double check that my son isn't dead?'

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Eoin Lyons

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