Watch: Barcelona's Plans For Camp Nou Revealed With Spectacular Video

Watch: Barcelona's Plans For Camp Nou Revealed With Spectacular Video

Although plans were already afoot for a huge undertaking of Camp Nou renovations, Barcelona published a fairly spectacular video this afternoon detailing the full extent of what the Catalan club have in mind.

Presented at the club's General Assembly meeting with the Barcelona members, the full details of the Espai Barca was unveiled.

A project set to completely transform all of the club's many venues, it is the Camp Nou renovations that are particularly notable.

One of the world's most recognisable stadiums, the new and improved arena will hold a potential 105,000 spectators - maintaining its status as the largest stadium in Europe.

Not content with this, plans were also outlined for the Palau Blaugrana - an arena that will hold 12,500 spectators.

Estadi Johan Cruyff, named after the Dutch footballing legend who played with and managed Barcelona to their first European Cup in 1992, will also be built according to these latest plans.


Hoping to have these developments completed in time for the 2023/24 season, it will signal a serious change to the current infrastructure of the club.

You can watch the video detailing the planned Camp Nou renovations below.

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