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The Best FIFA 15 Custom Tactic To Drastically Improve Your Game

The Best FIFA 15 Custom Tactic To Drastically Improve Your Game
Mikey Traynor
By Mikey Traynor
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Have you ever played a game of FIFA where your players seem stuck in the mud, slow to react, and just generally useless? Have you ever felt like your team are 11 Dimitar Berbatovs against a team of Dirk Kuyts?

Of course you have. This is FIFA after all.

But did you know that when you experience something like this, when using a team just doesn't "click", there is a way to fix it? Well, there is, and we at Balls.ie are here to tell you how and why.


Custom Tactics are absolutely huge in FIFA. When you get to the top level, division 2 & 1 in online seasons and Ultimate Team, you'll find nearly everybody is using custom tactics. They are not cheap, glitchy ways to win, they are simply tailoring your team to play to your strengths as a FIFA player, and it's absolutely unbelievable how many people are oblivious to them.

So many times when playing FIFA, you'll pick your team, pick your starting 11 and then start the game, but if this is all you do then you are missing out.

Here is a very effective custom tactic to play a high-tempo, counter-attack friendly game that creates lots of chances while keeping the defensive line intact. It is usable in Kick-Off, Career, Online Seasons, and Ultimate Team modes.


How to set your custom tactic.

On the FIFA 15 main menu, head to Team Management.

Click RB/R1 to bring you to the tactics screen, where you will be presented with this:

fifa 15 custom tactic

Press X/Square to edit the tactics.


Once you have finished, be sure to save your tactic and name it, then you can apply it quickly before each match no matter what team you use.

Step 1: Build Up Play

This is the most important part in terms of noticeable difference when on the ball.

fifa 15 custom tactic


FIFA 15 is all about pace. We're sorry, but thats just how it is. Make sure your 'Speed' is at least at 80, you can push it to 90 if you really love to ping the ball about, but try 80 at first. This will ensure your players don't wait for the ball to come to them, and look to get the ball out of their feet as quick as possible to move the play on. Next, 'Passing' should be at 66, as this is the perfect balance between short and long distance passing. 50 or less in this tactic will see all your players come short for the ball, and over 70 will see them run away from it. As always, experiment with what works for your game, but 66 will see a nice balance between showing for the ball and making runs in behind. Positioning should be kept as 'Organised' to ensure your players stick to their positions.

Step 2: Chance Creation

This is the least important section for custom tactics, and is totally up to you.



I like to keep all of them in between 40 and 66, just as to not upset the team balance, but again, which ever suits your game the most should take preference. If you like to pepper the goal with shots, bump the shooting up a bit. Do you cross the ball at every opportunity? If so, you're a bit of a dick, but none the less, bump up your crossing. The same obviously goes for passing if you think you are Pep Guardiola. If you want to leave these as default then it shouldn't hinder the tactic too much, but keep the shape as 'Organised' again.

Step 3: Defence

This is very, very important for not getting caught out at the back.



'Pressure' must absolutely be lower than 33, as this ensures your back four will sit deep and not be caught on the counter. I like to play this tactic on 'Pressure: 20' as I play a patient defensive game and wait for a mistake, and I suggest you do the same. Jockey with A/X, and wait to time your tackle. 'Aggression' is up to you and your level of defending. I wouldn't reccommend going over 66, as that will see your men fly into everything, but over 50 will see a lot of rushing the man with the ball, which can force mistakes. Lower than 50 'Aggression' will see a more patient defensive game, but I feel a combo of low 'Pressure' and high 'Aggression' like the screenshot above works best. 'Defender Line' must be set to 'Cover' to ensure that if you do make a mistake with a defender, a team-mate will fill in.

Before each game you can go into Team Management and apply this tactic, try it out and see if you notice your players are no longer lethargic and lazy, and you can play the game with the pace and precision you need to succeed.

Enjoy, and be sure to keep this secret from your mates unless you want every game ending 4-4.


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