Use The Balls Machine Of Truth To Discover The Actual Best PL Central Midfielder

Since the news broke this morning that Steven Gerrard actually thinks Roy Keane is the best central midfielder of the Premier League era that whole debate has erupted again. Some say Keane, others Scholes, Lampard or Vieira, while many say that Gerrard himself was actually the best.

We thought we'd put this whole to bed once and for by creating a machine. A machine that would break down the all the key attributes and use your opinion to determine who is the best. A machine of truth.

Here's how you use it. Answer all the questions honestly and at the end it will tell you who your heart actually thinks is the best ever. Then let us know who you got in the poll underneath and the player who pops up the most will be crowned once and for the all 'The greatest central midfielder of the Premier League era.'

God speed.


Mark Farrelly
Article written by
Balls Media Audience Development Manager. Former Miss World 1997 contestant.

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