ESPN Interview Keeper Brad Guzan During MLS All-Star Game

ESPN Interview Keeper Brad Guzan During MLS All-Star Game

There's nothing new about the gimmick of putting a microphone on a player during a game. It works pretty well in American football and rugby and has sometimes provided an otherwise unheard insight into what is happening on the pitch.

During last night's MLS All-Star game, ESPN added another element to the stunt. They not only mic'd up Brad Guzan against Juventus, they also gave him an earpiece so he could be interviewed.

The former Aston Villa keeper, who now plays for Atlanta United, was quizzed throughout the opening 20 minutes of the game.

Juventus scored through Andrea Favilli shortly after Guzan was interviewed.

It was a game of little consequence but Guzan clearly thought speaking to Adrian Healey and Taylor Twellman while playing was too much of a distraction. He discarded the voices in his ear shortly after the concession of the goal.


The game finished 1-1 with Guzan's Atlanta teammate Josef Martinez getting the equaliser.

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