Brian Kerr's Absolutely Perfect Take On The State Of Irish Football Is A Must See

Brian Kerr's Absolutely Perfect Take On The State Of Irish Football Is A Must See

Brian Kerr is a national treasure.

There is no one man on this island who has a better knowledge of the game of football, and you can ask any player who played under him in the Irish setup, or worked with him as a pundit, and they will agree.

He's been good value so far with his analysis on RTÉ's coverage of the Confederations Cup, but on Thursday night after Germany drew 1-1 with Chile, he went off on a spiel that was an example of why we need this man to be more involved with the decision making regarding our national senior football team.

After Didi Hamann and Richie Sadlier had praised the Germans for being so competitive with a weakened side, having elected to leave their star players at home this summer, Brian Kerr explained why we could never do anything like that, but it DOES NOT mean that we have to play overly negative football to achieve success.

That was perfect. Even if you for some reason don't agree with him, using the term 'Micky Dazzlers' to describe players like Mesut Ozil is simply outstanding.


Not only what he said, but how he delivered it. Brian Kerr lives and breaths football, Irish football, and that was perfectly clear as he expressed what many Irish fans have been saying for a long time.

No, we are not blessed with a lot of talent on the ball these days, but you feel that we are always capable of a performance when we really need it. Unfortunately, when we are not fighting for our lives, tension, apprehension, and hoofing the ball as far as possible are what we can expect, the first half against Austria earlier in the month being a perfect example.

Brian Kerr, you are the man.

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Mikey Traynor

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