Carl Jenkinson Is A Legend: A Two-Act Tale

Carl Jenkinson Is A Legend: A Two-Act Tale

Carl Jenkinson left Arsenal for Nottingham Forest today. Amid a flurry of transfer deadline transactions, the move means feck all to most people, and that's fine. Jenkinson signed for Arsenal in 2011 and his career has been pretty forgettable if you're not a regular follower of the club. However, two social media nuggets emerged today which have confirmed to us in no uncertain terms that Mr Jenkinson is a gentleman and a man of class, and we feel you should know of them.

First is Jenkinson's statement to Arsenal fans on Instagram today. It's heartfelt and poignant and given that it comes just days after Laurent Koscielny, a former Arsenal captain, forced his way out to France in the lamest possible way, it is incredibly encouraging to know that some footballers actually appreciate the bond between the fans and a club. 'I have lived your dream too.'

The second nugget comes via a tweet from Sam Diss of Mundial, who captured 'Jenko's' Sunday afternoon sartorial flair with aplomb in a tweet this morning.


We genuinely hope for the best for Jenkinson at Forest.

Donny Mahoney

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