Carlos Carvahal Channels His Inner Robbie Keane At Swansea Unveiling

Carlos Carvahal Channels His Inner Robbie Keane At Swansea Unveiling

You're rooted to the bottom of the Premier League table, your seven year odyssey in dreamland is hanging precariously by a thread. You've just sacked your manager for the fourth time in two years. Things weren't looking great for Swansea fans, but with Christmas came some hope of a miracle, and perhaps the present of a manager who knows how to get them out of this mess?

Would Gary Monk be back? Luis Enrique doesn't have a job? Even John Toshack, would he be up for a sentimental return? He's two years younger than Roy Hodgson.

Instead Swansea fans got the Christmas gift of the sacked Sheffield Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal, a 52-year-old Portuguese who will take on his 17th job since first becoming a manager 19 years ago.

It might be that he's the man for the job, but it's not exactly an appointment that makes Swansea fans think the club is serious about trying to stay in the Premier League this season.

In his unveiling, Carvalhal wasn't shy about claiming it's the right move for him, or that he is the man for the job.


I believe that me and my staff, our place is in the Premier League.

It may be my first time in the Premier League, but I was working at Sporting, with Besiktas and I played with Braga in the Europa League.

I am a coach that if you saw my profile I will change the club, you will see that.

What stuck out most though, was his frankly bizarre claim that the south Wales club was always somewhere he knew he'd end up.

I played in the Uefa competitions for Braga a long long time ago.

I remember Swansea played there and I remember that game because it wasn't that common at that moment that Braga play in the Uefa competitions.

I remember that John Toshack was the coach in that moment... so Swansea stayed in my mind for a long, long time.

I was a only a kid in the youth team of Braga, but I said to myself that one day probably my destiny will be Swansea, so I am very happy about that.

Ever since I was a young boy growing up in Braga, I always dreamed of managing Swansea City...

Michael McCarthy

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