Carlton Palmer Starts War Of Words With Matt Le Tissier On Soccer AM

Carlton Palmer Starts War Of Words With Matt Le Tissier On Soccer AM

Matt Le Tissier was the archetypal languid but stupenduously talented footballer. At the opposite end of both the talent and effort scale in comparison to Le Tissier was Carlton Palmer.

Palmer was on Soccer AM this morning to promote his new book. The former Sheffield Wednesday midfielder is currently coaching in China.

Much derided for his lack of skill throughout his career, Palmer said that criticism was undeserved. It's criticism which he is still receiving. Palmer cited one particular comment by Matt Le Tissier on Talksport during the week which particularly annoyed him.

Le Tissier questioned how Palmer could have 18 England caps. Palmer hit back by asking if Le Tissier - feted by both media and fans - was so talented, how could he have 'only six' (Le Tissier actually has eight caps).

Matt Le Tissier made a comment on Talksport. He did a chapter in his book - which by the way, wasn't true - calling me a bully.

I wanted to win football matches, so if you played in the same team as me and you weren’t at it, we got a problem.

Matt Le Tissier put in his book that I was a bully and asked, ‘How did he get 18 England caps?’

Well why did you only get six?

People say he should have had more but why didn’t he? Glenn Hoddle was manager at the time who is one of the most stylish players that could ever have been.

I think Matt Le Tissier is a fantastic player and I never thought him and me had a problem.

How can he criticise me when I can look back on my career and say 'I've done the best that I can do'. Has he really done the best that he can do? Big clubs came after him and it's alright saying 'I played for one club' - that's alright if you're at Chelsea or Man Utd. If Chelsea and Man Utd come for you, go and test yourself, go and show how good you are.

I’ve played 130 - I think - more league games than him and I’ve got 18 England caps, so don’t criticise me and try and get publicity off the back of that.

Le Tissier used Twitter to respond.


He also added a somewhat backhanded compliment.

You can watch Palmer on Soccer AM below.

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