Carragher Compares Harry Kane Situation To Gerrard's Liverpool Conundrum

Carragher Compares Harry Kane Situation To Gerrard's Liverpool Conundrum

With Manchester City looking very close to wrapping up a deal for Jack Grealish, you'd imagine their full focus will soon shift to Harry Kane.

The club have been heavily linked with a move for the England captain this summer, with the 28-year old seemingly taking matters into his own hands in recent days in order to force through the move.

Kane has not reported back for pre-season training at Spurs this week as was expected. It has been reported that he felt he had a 'gentleman's agreement' with Daniel Levy to allow him to leave the club this summer and is unhappy with how the situation has been dealt with.

The reaction to his actions has been mixed, but Jamie Carragher is not impressed by the way he has handled things.

Writing in his column for The Telegraph, he said Kane should not tarnish his reputation at Spurs by refusing to train for the club.

He also compared to it to what Steve Gerrard once went through at Liverpool, with the midfielder ultimately opting to stay at Anfield so as not to ruin his relationship with his boyhood club:

Watching the situation with Harry Kane unfold over the past few days has brought back memories for me of that time when Steven Gerrard was considering leaving Liverpool for Chelsea.

My advice to Stevie then was ‘You’re going to come back to the city, your kids are going to be Liverpool fans, you’re loved, don’t ruin it for a move’.

He thought very hard about the reputational damage and that’s what pulled him back. He knew Chelsea were better than Liverpool and were going to win more trophies. We all did, just as we know Manchester City have won and will continue to win more than Tottenham.

But sometimes certain things are special and you don’t ruin those special things.

I know people always say, ‘But Gerrard never won the league’. But I’m thinking what he did was bigger than winning the league.

A local player, a one club man, a Liverpool legend, arguably the greatest player in their history, all these things matter. They’re special...

If he had gone to Chelsea at that time, would he actually still be in a position where he could potentially take over from Jurgen Klopp?


Gerrard turned down the opportunity to leave Liverpool on a number of occasions, most notably in 2005 and 2006 when Chelsea made a big push to bring him to Stamford Bridge.

Carragher said he completely understands Kane's motives for leaving Spurs, but said he should be very careful in how he goes about it.

Tottenham are not Liverpool in terms of trophies and history and I’m not saying Harry Kane should stay at Spurs.

I know it’s about the here and now and winning trophies. I get he wants to win the Premier League, win the Champions League. I have no problem with him wanting to go to City.

But it’s the way he’s going about trying to get that transfer by not turning up to training that is worrying.

My message to Harry would be the same as it was to Stevie: don’t ruin your reputation for this; always think about your name and standing in the game. For me, that is as important as any trophy Harry could win.

If Daniel Levy drags out the transfer negotiations in the way that is expected, it will be interesting to see how Kane reacts.

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