Jamie Carragher Believes Steven Gerrard Will Be In No Rush To Leave Rangers

Jamie Carragher Believes Steven Gerrard Will Be In No Rush To Leave Rangers

After many questioning his decision to take the Rangers job back in 2018, Steven Gerrard has certainly proven the doubters wrong in recent times.

While he has no doubt been aided by Celtic's steep decline, it is clear that Rangers are a much better side now than when he took over. They are set to stroll to a first league title since 2011 and are still very much involved in European competition.

Many expect he will leave the Scottish club in the not too distant future, with a move to Liverpool even mooted by some if their current slide under Jurgen Klopp continues in the long-term.

Taking over at a Premier League club would certainly seem like the logical next step in his career, but Jamie Carragher believes he should not be in a rush to make that move.

Writing in his column in The Telegraph, Carragher said that his longtime Liverpool teammate should continue to win a winning pedigree in Scotland in the coming years, with European experience not a guarantee at other clubs.


If Gerrard continues to win big in Scotland, it is sure to land him many Premier League job offers, with the implication that managing a mid-table team in England is more attractive than being Rangers or Celtic coach.

I am not convinced that applies in Gerrard’s case...

Rangers have given him the ideal platform to develop the winning habit as a manager, and can give him Champions League experience which will be invaluable for his long-term coaching career.

Who else can offer him that at the moment? Certainly not with the full and vibrant support he will have when Champions League nights return to Ibrox next season, providing he can get through those notoriously tricky qualifying rounds...

When you have that level of trust, loyalty and adulation, it is not easily sacrificed for a club in the bottom half of the Premier League, where the ambition of mid-table safety would not put the same fire in his belly. A character like Gerrard will always live for trophies, and to feel he is somewhere where his highest ambitions are matched and can be realistically satisfied.

That’s good news for Rangers if they keep backing their man, and worrying for Celtic. Gerrard is not the kind of character to rest on his laurels after this title.

Gerrard should certainly be careful in choosing his next move. We seen the way Frank Lampard struggled after taking the Chelsea job too early in his managerial career, something the 40-year old will not want to repeat.

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